Guitar Gods

Guitar Player Magazine has given me the exquisitely daunting task of compiling a list of my ten favorite guitarists, and though it’s an impossible request, I’ve decided to take this challenge on wearing my rhinestone-encrusted boxing gloves. It’s going to be tough to cosmically KO some of my heroes, so I’ll have to create an Honorable Mention list when I’ve completed this difficult mission. I’ve had to limit this list to Rock & Roll proper, or I wouldn’t have been able to say “Yes” to this assignment at all. For instance, where would anyone be without Robert Johnson? Chet Atkins? Scotty Moore? And one of my personal gods, Willie Nelson, who leaves portions of his tattered soul inside his scarred up Martin, “Trigger” whenever he plays. He’s imbued it with so much soul, it’s almost a living creature at this point.

I am not a musician myself—despite being a member of the Zappa-mentored girl group, the GTOs—so I won’t be talking about frets, amps, pedals, or pickups. This list is based purely on my adoration of music and its makers, and how it makes me feel.

So, here goes, dolls. After my Number One, all the rest will be in No Particular Order. I wish there was a female on this list, but for now, they are all masterful majestic males.

  1. Jimi Hendrix (click to read full article)
  2. Jimmy Page (click to read full article)
  3. Mick Taylor (click to read full article)
  4. Jack White (click to read full article)
  5. Dave Alvin (click to read full article)
  6. Prince (click to read full article)