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Inspiring! Uncover your potential!

If you are looking for a creative, nurturing group environment where you can uncover your potential and grow, this is the one for you. … You can open your vision, write about your innermost secrets, and focus on the process as opposed to the end product, all in a non-judgmental environment with women from all walks of life. … Now that’s inspiring!
— Geri Miller

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What Your 5 Senses Can Expect from a Ms. Pamela Writing Class…

Sight:  You will be sitting in a circle with 5-10 of the most diverse and interesting future best friends that you will ever have!
Hearing: You will hear your future friends share their interesting, hysterical, amazingly true-life stories, and will share your own stories under the guidance of Ms. Pamela.
Touch: You will be seated upon leopard goodness and all chairs in class are fluffy and welcoming.
Smell: Everyone at writing class smells good. In addition there are the sweet delicious smells of food.
Taste: Last but not least there are snacks!!! You can feast upon gourmet Whole Foods Popcorn, Hummus, Lemon Bars, gluten free goodies, fermented grape libations and more!
In summation, writing class is groupie therapy for your soul.
— Brandy Batz


Courage and priceless relationships!

Through Miss Pamela’s writing workshop, I’ve not only met some of my dearest friends, I’ve gained the courage to write. When I first signed up for class, I had rarely written for recreation, let alone professionally. Having been in class for two years now, I’m much more confident and willing to take risks. I’ve been a guest columnist in The Daily Journal of Commerce twice and now write regularly on my own blog I guarantee I wouldn’t have progressed this much without the encouragement of Pamela and my fellow classmates.

The relationships I’ve built in her class are priceless. Each writer is so unique and brings their own style to the group. The bond between all of us grows fast and strong. These are women you’ll know and love for many years.
— Penny Williams


Deep connections in a warm, welcoming environment

After years of girlcrushing on Pamela Des Barres via her fantastic books, I jumped at the chance to join her all-Doll writing workshop. Whereas most writing groups focus on critiquing each other’s work on a technical level, we gather to share life experiences with each other. It’s a warm, welcoming environment with, as Pamela says, no judgments, no qualifications, and no apologies. There’s a deep connection created in her workshops that is unique and incredibly special. It’s come to be known as “Groupie Therapy” to those of us who are fortunate enough to sit in that circle, with Pamela’s radiance just illuminating us all. I wish I could take classes more often than every six months.
— Tara Dublin


Literally changed my life!

Miss Pamela’s Writing Workshop has literally changed my life. I went from being a very slow and incredibly shy, private writer to a woman who now, in just a matter of minutes, furiously bangs out a fairly complex, layered, stream of consciousness story that constantly surprises myself and my “groupie-mates” under her gifted tutelage. Miss Pamela creates a safe, compassionate comfort zone so her students can share their innermost thoughts in a judgement-free space filled with like-minded women who desire to be creative, expressive and supported in their writing efforts. Like many a rock n’ roll hero before us, we are fortunate and truly blessed to have such an accomplished author and transcendent spirit as Miss Pamela, graciously inspiring the muse in all of us.
— Kelly Phillips